Weber State University is one of the most affordable institutions in the state of Utah as most of the students graduated with little to no debt. This is possible because of the combination of low tuition rates with federal financial aid scholarships. There is the option of student housing in the Weber State University with two different forms of housing facilities available for the students. However, finding a suitable Weber Apartments in the vicinity of the University may be a challenge for many students.

With a new season starting at the University, it sometimes becomes really hard to find the right housing for the students. Getting accommodation on campus is not possible for many and that is where we can provide you with the right solution. One of the primary reason students prefers to stay in the University campus is the closeness. They can come and quickly to attend the lectures. We at Harrison Heights offer the closest possible location for private houses. You can easily attend your preferred lectures while staying at our place. Most of the accommodations are at walking distance from the university lecture halls.

At Harrison Heights, we committed to providing the best possible Weber State University Housing for the students. We have house just a few minutes’ walks away from the University. They are the great place to live with single and double room option both shared and private. There are ample space and good ceiling heights. Even the bathrooms and showers are immaculately made for student comfort. All our housing has amenities such as the kitchen, home gym, hi-tech laundry room, etc. All the rooms are fully furnished and you can have beddings on a lease.

You can have room arrangement according to your wish and comfort. Every room has a dedicated closet area with all the roommates having their own closet for shared apartments. The rooms are newly renovated full laminate flooring and countertops made of granites. The rooms are fitted with HDTV and connections of fiber-optic bandwidth and Apple TV. You can have your own fridge and extra seating arrangements.

Separate shower areas in the shared apartment will allow you and your roommates to get ready for the classes at the same time. The houses have plenty of storage so you do not have to keep all your stuff in your room and crowding along with plenty of shelves or drawers. You will have your own thermostats in the room to keep the room temperature as per your wish. Additionally, you will have automatic lights that will turn on and off by themselves when you enter or leave the room.

We have homes for every budget with a small kitchen and bathroom. We offer apartments for international students as well. We will arrange everything, and you do not need to worry about anything. You will have all the privacy and your apartment can become the place for your friends to meet up. The rooms will be better than your expectations at the ideal location near to the University as well as the supermarkets. You can choose the number of roommates (one or more) as per your budget or live in a single occupancy. The apartments are in the safe localities.

As there are both shared and private rooms available with many students living in the same building and in the vicinity, you will get enough opportunities to get social. It will be really easy to make friends once you start staying in our apartments. You will be almost forced to be social because you are living with a lot of people and most of them are students. You will meet up with some great people and there will be a mix of international students of both sexes. It will be a great learning and adjusting experience that will provide you with some awesome experiences. Play games and have parties at your will in our apartments with your friends living in the same place. At Harrison Heights, you will have a rocking time with our range of affordable housing for the students at the Weber State University.

Thank you for visiting our website and we are looking forward to offering you a fun-filled experience during your stay at Weber State University.